Poetry book launch in Tell it slant, Glasgow: A bird is not a stone

  Last monday was in Tell it slant ( also called the church of poetry ! ) the bookstore within the Project cafe the Book launch of A bird is not a stone, an anthology of palestinian poetry published by (Freight Books, Glasgow) and edited by Henry Bell and Sarah Irving. Poems were read by Alasdair Gray, Liz Lochhead, Magi Gibson, Ellen [...]

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Cafe, poems, music at Tell it slant and Project Nomadic Cafe

Ellen McAteer

Ellen McAteer

A few month ago,  I went to meet Ellen McAteer who just opened Tell it Slant, a poetry bookshop in the heart of Glasgow, close to Glasgow School of Art and the Reid Building, just opposite the Glasgow Film Theater. I thought of having a look to write a post about it as well as doing some pictures. Things don’t always turn up the expected way,  but a few months later we are back with Tell it Slant (the bookshop) opening within  Project Nomadic Café, 134 Renfrew Street, Glasgow.

Then, end of April is the big start with a first evening of poetry readings and music and food (prepared by the lovely team of Project Nomadic café) on the 12th of April. We listened to poetry by Jim Ferguson, Alexander Hutchison, Iyad Hayatleh and enjoyed music and songs by Jim McAteer.

Another Friday (the 25th of April), we enjoyed again, great food, wine and readings by Sally Evans, Geoff cooper, Alexander Hutchison, Derek Parkes, Billi Ramsay and others as well as great music .

This last Friday was Marion McCready book launch Tree Language published by Eyewear Publishing with reading by Marion McCready, Samuel Tongue, Katherine Sowerby, then followed the Open Mic lead by Jim McAteer up to late in the night.

From now on, events like this are every Friday !

Ellen McAteer in Tell it slantProject Nomadic Café, Ellen McAteer and Eilidh McKayProject Nomadic CaféGeoff Cooper reading poetry in Project Nomadic CaféProject nomadic caféEllen McAteer and Alexander HutchisonJim Ferguson poetEllen McAteer and Jim FergusonDCART-20140516076-14-Edit-EditDCART-20140516076-16-Edit-2DCART-20140516076-38-EditDCART-20140516076-46-EditDCART-20140516076-50-EditDCART-20140516076-58-EditDCART-20140516076-66-EditSamuel Tongue poetKathrine Sowerby poetDCART-20140516076-108-EditDCART-20140516076-133-EditDCART-20140516076-162-EditDCART-20140425071-98-Edit-2DCART-20140425071-111-Edit-2Project Nomadic CaféDCART-20140425071-148-Edit-3DCART-20140412064-51-EditDCART-20140516076-151-Edit-2DCART-20140516076-143-Edit-2Iyad Hayatleh, palestinian poet readingDCART-20140516076-174-Edit-2

Meeting Lucy O’Donovan

Over a year ago I met artist Lucy O’Donovan as the art group she had started in the West End of Glasgow where she lives ,met. I was very impressed by the emotional intensity of Lucy’s painting. Lucy’s work is very much about humans, portrait, body,  and seizing the vulnerability of human flesh she achieves through minute precision and [...]

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